Gast Air Gear Motor 4AM-RV-75-GR25

Gast Air Gear Motor
4AM-RV-75-GR25 Gast Air Motor


Max. allowable end thrust with 0 overhung load ranges from 200 lbs. ( 90,0 kg) at 300 rpm to 800 lbs. (360,0 kg) at 30 rpm. Max. overhung load with 0 end thrust ranges from 200 lbs. (90,0 kg) at 300 rpm to 600 lbs. (270,0 kg) at 30 rpm. Max. recommended pressures to 80 psi (5,6 bar).


  • 15:1 gear reducer
  • Face, foot mounting
  • Horizontal or shaft down operation
  • Metal muffler AC980 adds 2″ heigh when installed
  • Non-Electrical Sparking
  • Cool Running
  • Shaft Location Flexibility
  • Mounting Flexibility

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