Vortek Tek Air Flow Meters VT 7000

Tek Air Flow Meter VT7000
.The VT-7000 Airflow Measuring Device consists of multi-sensor probes mounted on a bar and installed in the inlet of large fan inlets.  Individual sensors on the probe provide frequency pulse type electronic output signals which are directly proportional and linear to airflow velocity.  These signals are totalized in the companion transmitter and converted to an industry standard, 4-20mA output.  (1-5 VDC or 2-10 VDC are also selectable by jumper.)
VAV fan synchronization for large inlet fans (greater than 24″ Diameter)
cleanroom flow tracking and control of pharma semi-conductor, process/industrial, hospital and R&D facilities, filter monitoring , and lab pressurization
linear sensor output
true velocity averaging
drift-free operation
ten-to-one flow turndown
impervious to dirt and other suspended materials in the airstream
Model Series VT7000, antara lain :
> Model VT7100
> Model VT7200
> Model VT7300
> Model VT7400

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