The ultrasonic level meter is the intelligent non-contact liquid level measuring instruments.
Product has automatic power adjustment, gain control, to a false target, and temperature compensation. U.S. imports of chip processing and advanced testing computing technology to improve the measurement accuracy of the instrument, for the interference signal suppression function to ensure that the real measurement results. The products can be widely used for a high degree of measurement of the level of a variety of liquid and solid materials can also be used for distance measurement.

Performance :

  • Range : 0.5 ~ 30 m
  • Accuracy : 0.25%,0.5%
  • Resolution : Range 10m : 10mm
  • Frequency : ~40KHZ
  • Launch angle : 6 º~12º
  • Blind area : 0.20~0.9m
  • Show : LCD
  • Supply voltage : 220VAC/24VDC
  • Output signal : 4~20mA Standard (Or optional RS485.RS232 when ordering)
  • Maximum load : 750 Ohm
  • Case Material : PA6.ABS
  • Degree of protection : IP65. IP67. IP68
  • Ambient temperature : -20~+55
  • Mounting thread : M66x3

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