Kofloc High-Grade Mass Flow Controller Model 3200 Series

High-grade Mass Flow Controller  MODEL 3200 SERIES
3200 Series Mass Flow Controller is an advanced model designed as a
successor of the 3910 Series that enjoys a wide use for diverse
applications such as manu-facture of semiconductors, LCDs, combustion
equipment, analytical devices, and biotechnology fields. Its high
per-formance is equal to a new standard of KOFLOC.                 
with a temperature follow-up type current difference detection flow
sensor (patent applied for) to ensure high accu-racy and high-speed

Use of a normally closed valve to ensure safety
Reduced dead volume thanks to the diaphragm seat valve
Control of small quantities of flows available up to 1 SCCM fullscale (SR option)
Low differential pressure type control available for combustiblegases (LP option)
Standard Specifications
– Flow range (N2 equivalent, 20℃/1 atm) : 1 SCCM–20 SLM (The conditions are freely selectable)
– Sensor : Thermal mass flow sensor
– Valve type : Proportional solenoid valve (closed when not energized)
– Control range : 2–100% (F.S.)
– Response : 1 sec. or less (0–100% within ±2% typical)
– Accuracy : ±1% F.S. (Accuracy guaranteed at 15–35℃)
– Repeatability : ±0.2%F.S.
– Operating differential pressure : * F.S. ≤ 5 SLM: 50–300 kPa (G)
                                                       *F.S.> 5 SLM: 100–300 kPa (G)
                                                 Option: Low
differential pressure (LP) specification is avaible   depending on conditions.
– Allowable operating pressure : 300 kPa (G) or less
– Proof pressure : 980 kPa (G)
– Leak rate : 1 × 10-8 Pa•m3/s or less (excluding permeation of He)
– Allowable ambient temperature : 0–50℃
– Allowable ambient humidity : 10–90% (No condensation allowed)
– Materials of parts in contact with gases : * Body: SUS316L
                                                                *Diaphragm: SUS316
                                                                *Valve seat: FKM (option: CR, NBR or perfluor)
                                                                *Sealing: FKM (option: CR, NBR or perfluor)
– Electric connection : Dsub 9-pin connector as per KFC Standard (Compliant with SEMI Standard)
– Flow rate input signals : 0–5 VDC (Input impedance: 1 MΩ or more)
– Flow rate output signals : 0–5 VDC (External load resistance: 250 kΩ or more)
– Required power supply : +15 VDC (±5%) 100 mA, −15 VDC (±5%) 200 mA
– Joint (Main unit bore) : Standard: 1/4SWL Option: 1/8SWL 1/4VCR RC1/4, etc.
– Weight : Approx. 1000 g
!!Note !!
relating to the flow range (e.g., flow range, accuracy and re-sponse)
are expressed in N2 or air equivalent. The product will be built with
the primary pressure of 300 kPa or less and the secondary side open to
the atmosphere. For details on the pressure requirements, please contact

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