Kofloc Multidial Type Precision Needle Valve MODEL 2412M SERIES

Multidial Type Precision Needle Valve (Ideal for restriction of flows by dial control operation)



This is an enhanced model of the KOFLOC Precision Needle Valve Model 2412 (see page 102), which now incorporates a multidial that allows the user to set desired flow rates by dial operations. This valve makes the most of the rotationto-flow linearity and repeatability performance of the 2412 needle.


1.Since a precision needle valve usually has superior flow characteristics and repeatability, it can be  used in place of a needle valve flowmeter.
2.Wide variations are available for both the needle valve (Type T,Type L, and so on) and the multidial (Standard Type, Round Type,and so on).
Note: No scale calibration is required for the multidial.


1.Detection of deteriorated filters
2.Substitute for a flowmeter
3.Detection of fluctuations of flow path resistance

Standard Spesifications

Regulating screw rotating speed : Multidial: 10 turns (Overscale possible)

                                                 Needle valve: Approx. 12 turns

Multidial scale : 3-digit setting (000-999)

Multidial type : A: Standard multidial
                            B: Round multidial

Fluids : Gases and liquids

Connection end : Rc1/4; Rc1/8 (Optional)

Rated flow ranges : See Table of Rated Flow Ranges for Model 2412 


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