Elektrogas VML VML60


Safety solenoid valves for air and gas slow opening and fast closing
The VML type valve is a safety valve that is normally closed, with fast or slow opening and adjustable rapid section for initial gas flow. When not in working position the spring works on the disc keeping the gas passage closed. When the coil is powered the valve opens rapidly in the first section of the flow, then slowly, with adjust-able speed. When power is switched off the valve rapidly shuts.
This type of device is suitable for gas and air blocking and adjusting controls in atmospheric burners or fan-assisted burners, in industrial kilns and in all gas equipments which use gas solenoid valves (qualified for continuous service – 100% ED).


1.       AlSi : Rp3/8 … Rp2½

2.       AlSi : DN40 … DN80

Gas type

1.       Air and non-aggressive gases (Family 1-2-3, EN 437)

2.       Special version for Biogas/COG


1.       EC-type tested and certified according to EN 161

Operating pressure

1.       0 … 200 mbar

2.       0 … 360 mbar

3.       0 … 500 mbar

4.       0 … 6 bar


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