Gas Vortex Flow Meter

Alia Vortex Flow Meter Vortex Flow Meter Gas Flow Meter Flow Meter Gas ALIAVTX AVF7000 is a Vortex Flowmeter based on Von Karman theory of vortices generated by a bluff body in the pipe. The number of vortices are linearly proportional to the volumetric flow in the pipe. The AVF7000 is versatile flowmeter widely used for Gases, … Continue reading Gas Vortex Flow Meter

Electromagnetic FLow Meter

Alia Flow Meter Alia Electromagnetic Flow Meter Flow Meter Alia Alia Group Inc. Is located in Newark, DE, USA since 2003, Our innovative products and systems integrate the latest technologies to meet the evolving needs of public or private energy and water suppliers, utility services and industrial companies such as flow measurement Alia Electromagnetic flowmeter … Continue reading Electromagnetic FLow Meter