SEAMETRIC IP100/200-SERIES Insertion Paddlewheel Flow Sensor

  FEATURES • Wide flow range • One moving part • Hot tap available • Modular electronics compatible • Easily depth adjustable for 3-40” APPLICATIONS • Clean water • Large pipes • Aquariums, water parks • Water & wastewater monitoring The IP100/200-Series are adjustable depth insertion paddle- wheels that come in brass, PVC or 316 … Continue reading SEAMETRIC IP100/200-SERIES Insertion Paddlewheel Flow Sensor

Seametrics Flow Batch Controls

The FT500-Series is a batching fow processor with additional output controls. It is designed for use with Seametrics fow meters and fow sensors, as well as other manufactuer’s products which have frequency output proportional to fow. In addition to batch functions, the FT500-Series indicates fow rate, and other data in large 3/8” (9.66 mm) digits … Continue reading Seametrics Flow Batch Controls