MALE INSERT, CRIMP, 4-POS. 22DF CONTACTS Sibas Product Type Features Product Type : Insert Body Features Insert Style : Pin Color : Gray Material : PBT GF10 Contact Features Contact Configuration : Crimp Terminal Number of Poles : 4 Dimensions Wire Range : .08 – .4 mm² [ 28 – 22 AWG ] Operation/Application For Use with Series : Power4Net Packaging Features Packaging Quantity : 40 Packaging Method : … Continue reading MALE INSERT, CRIMP, 4-POS. 22DF CONTACTS Sibas

HD Series Sibas Connector

HD series cold-pressed connector The HD series sibas connectors Crimp connector for compact, rated current 10A, Rated voltage 250V, suitable for controlling the line more volume requirements of the occasion, the 7-pin, 8-pin, 15-pin, 25-pin, 40-pin, 50-pin, 64-pin, 80-pin, 128-pin different specifications. HD serie 7 poles HD-007 is insert of 7 poles, crimp connection, when … Continue reading HD Series Sibas Connector

HE Series Sibas Connector

HE series standard connectors, is also the most widely used class of connectors, usually can be divided into the screw type, shrapnel, Crimp crimping type, two-terminal type. Screw crimp type for the most common type. The connectors rated current 16A, voltage of 500V. 6-pin, 10-pin, 16-pin, 24-pin, 32-pin, 48-pin different specifications HE serie 6 poles … Continue reading HE Series Sibas Connector