DFM Diesel Flow Meter

Fuel flow meter DFM is designed for diesel fuel consumptionmeasuring in the fuel line of the following vehicles: trucks; tractive vehicles; tractors of various types; loaders; graders; road-building machinery; boilers; boats; burners; technological transport; fixed installations with diesel engines etc. Inline fuel meter DFM can be applied for fuel accounting both autonomously and as a … Continue reading DFM Diesel Flow Meter

DFM Fuel Flow meters Component

Fuel Flow Meters Diesel Flow Meters DFM Flow Meter Designed to measure the flow in the fuel line of engine. Produced as one-way (direct) fuel flow meters, and differential fuel flow meters. There are versions for different ranges of fuel consumption. Compatibility requirements: terminal of vehicle tracking system should have one or two frequency inputs. In … Continue reading DFM Fuel Flow meters Component

Fuel Flow Counter ; fuel monitoring

DFМ autonomous fuel flow counter. Simple solution for fuel monitoring. Autonomous fuel counter DFМ is a simple solution for fuel consumption control. Fuel counter DFМ can be used to create a fleet fuel consumption accounting system. Fuel flow counter DFМ represents information on the LCD display. Fuel consumption indications control and fixation are made visually … Continue reading Fuel Flow Counter ; fuel monitoring