Gravity Flow Meters

Gravity Velocity flow meters Gravity flow meters adalah flow meter yang diaplikasikan pada aliran dari suatu fluida yang sistem pengalirannya tidak menggunakan tekanan pompa. Gravity flow meters bisa di asumsikan sebagai flow meter yang diaplikasikan guna mengukur flow rate maupun totalizer dari aliran suatu cairan yang menggunakan prinsip ketinggian atau mengalir karena adanya grafitasi dan … Continue reading Gravity Flow Meters

Seametrics Flow Meter Measurement

Seametrics Inc. is a designer and manufacturer of a wide variety of flow metering products.  Since 1990 the company has provided innovative solutions to users in industrial water treatment, energy management, irrigation, utilities, transportation, and chemical handling.  Seametrics products have a reputation for durability and accuracy at a competitive price, and are sold largely through … Continue reading Seametrics Flow Meter Measurement

Converter AMC4000 Electromagnetic flow meter

Converter For Electromagnetic Flow Meter Model AMC4000 Series ALIAMAG  AMC4000 series is a battery powered converter be used with AMF series sensor in both compact or separate version. FEATURES  Battery supply feed with 2~3 years life in normal working condition. Accuracy of +/-0.3% value of reading Bi-directionally measure flow and pulse output 3 lines of LCD display flowrate … Continue reading Converter AMC4000 Electromagnetic flow meter