Cara Instalasi Flowmeter Ultrasonic

Flow meter ultrasonic mempunya bebrapa jenis atau model baik didasaran pada cara installasi, Jenis Transducer ultrasonic, berdasarkan penggunaan jenis Power,  maupun berdasrkan mounting transmitternya. cara berdasarkan cara installai ada ada beberapa cara di sesuaikan dengan kebutuhan di lapangan.  Jenis atau model ultrasonic flow meter baik berdasarkan jenis transducer, jenis fungsi, jenis maounting dan cara installasinya … Continue reading Cara Instalasi Flowmeter Ultrasonic

In Line Ultrasonic Flow Meter SL3488

In Line Ultrasonic Flow Meter High Dynamic Response Inline Ultrasonic Flow meter  MODEL : SL3488 SL3488 Ultrasonic flow meters The model SL3488 inline ultrasonic flow meter (here in after referred to as SL3488)  is a true state-of-the-art transit-time flow meter designed using PICOFLY technology and  0.01 nanosecond (10 pico seconds) resolution; the flow sample rate … Continue reading In Line Ultrasonic Flow Meter SL3488

China ultrasonic flow meter

Dalian Ultrasonic Flow Meter china was established in 1996. Our firm is a high technology company which specializes in design, manufacture and development.  TDS-100 series of ultrasonic flow meters / calorimeters / water meters are widely used in the oil, chemical, metallurgy, water conservancy, heating, and boiler industries. Our products are exported to the United States, Europe, … Continue reading China ultrasonic flow meter