PVC Flow Meter

Turbine Flow Meter PVC Flow Meter Water Meter This unique system of 2" to 8" turbine flow meters uses just one moving part, a precision helical rotor. Rotation of the rotor is electronically detected and processed. The high-quality jewel bearings and polished zirconia ceramic shafts minimize friction while providing long wear life in non-lubricating fluids. The entire rotor … Continue reading PVC Flow Meter

PVC Turbine Flow Meter

Seametrics WTP Flow Meters PVC Flow Meter Non Metal Flowmeters Chemical Flow Meters WTP PRODUCT DETAILS PVC-body turbine flow meter In-line, individually-calibrated turbine meter maximizes accuracy Turbine rotor is the only moving part, optimizing low-flow performance Solid-state pickup Electronic register can be meter-mounted or remote Available with blind pulse or 4-20 mA output Materials are … Continue reading PVC Turbine Flow Meter

Irrigation Magnetic Flow Meter

The AG2000 is a spool-type electromagnetic flowmeter for use in irrigation applications in 4” to 10” pipe. With no moving parts, these meters have unobstructed flow and are resistant to wear from debris found in ground or surface water. There are no bearings or propeller to wear out. Minimal straight pipe requirements allow AG2000 flow meters to be used in piping configurations … Continue reading Irrigation Magnetic Flow Meter