Oval Gear Flow Meters Thread Version

Oval gear flow meters, threaded version Oval gear flow meters type VO with tread connection are available with threaded process connection G¼, G½, G¾, G 1 or G 2 (female thread). The housing is made from stainless steel or aluminium. Type VO...VA sensors are available as high temperature version up to 125 °C. Oval gear … Continue reading Oval Gear Flow Meters Thread Version

Oval Gear Flow Meter

Oval Flow Meter Oval Gear flow Meter Positive Displacement Flow Meter Oval Gear Flow Meter is one type of Positive displacement flowmeter .  They operate by repeatedly filling and emptying compartments of a known volume with a liquid. The flowrate is then calculated based on the number of times these compartments are filled and emptied.  Given it's immunity … Continue reading Oval Gear Flow Meter

Positive Displacement Flow Meter

Positive Displacement  Flow Meter atau sering disebut dengan PD Flow Meter merupakan jenis  flow meter  yang mengukur volume atau flow rate gerakan fluida dengan membagi suatau ruangan media yang tetap dengan volume yang terukur. Positif perpindahan (PD) flowmeters membuat pengukuran aliran volumetrik mengambil kenaikan terbatas atau volume dari fluida. Sebuah analogi dasar akan memegang ember … Continue reading Positive Displacement Flow Meter