Acid Cation ; Demin process

Strong Acid Cation As mentioned previously, the strong acid cation unit contains a zeolite resin that is regenerated with sulfuric acid (HCI can also be used, but it is more expensive than H2SO4). As the untreated water passes through the strong acid cation unit, the hydrogen ions that occupy the exchange sites in the resin … Continue reading Acid Cation ; Demin process

Anion Removal, Demin Process

Strong Base Anion A strong base anion resin removes the anions associated with the weak acids in the effluent from a strong acid cation unit. Specifically, strong base anions remove silica (from H2SiO3) and carbon dioxide from H2CO3 (carbonic acid). In addition, the strong base anion resin┬áremoves anions associated with the strong acids in the … Continue reading Anion Removal, Demin Process


In many process boiler systems, zeolite softening of water is not sufficient to meet feed water quality standards. In these cases (typically high pressure boilers up;1000 psig), the water is demineralized. This process removes most of the mineral content of the raw water. Demineralizers depend upon both cationic and anionic exchange processes. They can be … Continue reading Demineralization