HSB Series High Current Connector

HSB series of high-current connectors The HSB Series Sibas connectors are also referred to as high-current connectors (35A), applied to the power line, motors and other applications, the wiring in the form of screws Crimp form. 6-pin, 12-pin different specifications. HSB serie 6 poles HSB-006 is the insert of 6 poles with 35A via each … Continue reading HSB Series High Current Connector

HD Series Sibas Connector

HD series cold-pressed connector The HD series sibas connectors Crimp connector for compact, rated current 10A, Rated voltage 250V, suitable for controlling the line more volume requirements of the occasion, the 7-pin, 8-pin, 15-pin, 25-pin, 40-pin, 50-pin, 64-pin, 80-pin, 128-pin different specifications. HD serie 7 poles HD-007 is insert of 7 poles, crimp connection, when … Continue reading HD Series Sibas Connector

Sibas Heavy Duty Connector

SIBAS Connector is a professional production of industrial all kinds of plugs, sockets, cable connectors, sensor connectors, industrial connectors and cable protection accessories manufacturers, its manufactured products enjoy a good reputation in the industry, recognized for our customers . Model of Heavy duty Sibas connector : HA series compact connector HA series sibas connector is … Continue reading Sibas Heavy Duty Connector