Flowmasonic WUF100 Ultrasonic Flow Meter

Flowmasonic is ultrasonic flow meter series WUF100 adopts a state-of-the-art, single-board technology featuring high precision, high reliability, high performance, low price, etc. that make it the ultrasonic flow meter of choice by many customers from all over the world. It's main features are: The sensors being clamp-on type, there's no pressure loss. The sensors are … Continue reading Flowmasonic WUF100 Ultrasonic Flow Meter

The technology of ultrasonic flowmeter

The last ten years ultrasonic flow meter is very popular not only in the laboratory but also in many industries such as industrial water treatment, industrial waste water treatment, food and beverage industry and chemical industry. Due to popular demand, Ultrasonic flow meter effective enough because the price is not too expensive and inexpensive installation costs and maintenance costs … Continue reading The technology of ultrasonic flowmeter

Cara Installasi Ultrasonic Clamp On Flow Meter

Ultrasonic Flow meter merupakan flow meter yang mempunyai dasar kerja pada suara ultra, dimana sensor suara ini bekerja pada sensor yang disebut dengan istilah transducer. Ada dua jenis flow meter ultrasonic yang cukup dikenal luas yaitu system transit time dan sistim doppler.. Dalam hal installasi ultrasonic flow meter ini ada beberapa cara installasi yaitu system … Continue reading Cara Installasi Ultrasonic Clamp On Flow Meter