Elektrogas Automatic Safety Valves VMM

VMM Multiple safety solenoid valve for gas regulating trains The VMM type valve is a combination of two valves in an only compact and versatile valve housing. The first valve is a fast opening safety solenoid valve. The second valve may be a fast opening or a slow opening solenoid valve to adjust the gas … Continue reading Elektrogas Automatic Safety Valves VMM

Elektrogas Control Valves MZ

MZ ServomotorĀ for butterfly valvesĀ  Servomotors MZ are designed to operate VF and VFH butterfly valves. They consist of a multi-stage spur gearbox with DC motor, driven by an electronic control unit. This allows a high torque and adjustable running time. MZ3 type is suitable for basic adjusting position, operated by cams connected to driving shaft.MZ5 … Continue reading Elektrogas Control Valves MZ